Andrea Josse

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Andrea Josse

My general research area combines exercise physiology and clinical nutrition in the context of both health and chronic disease (obesity, diabetes and heart disease), and centers on lifestyle modification strategies and/or training regimens that manipulate diet and physical activity to achieve a healthier body composition or beneficial metabolic outcome. I am particularly interested in utilizing diet and exercise to facilitate healthy changes in body composition, body weight and bone. My previous work has focused on “high quality weight loss” which can be defined as loss of fat mass with the preservation of muscle and bone. High quality weight loss provides a much more favourable body composition change from both a metabolic and functional standpoint. We’ve proven that high quality weight loss can be achieved through diet and exercise manipulations involving higher protein diets, high dairy and high dietary calcium along with daily exercise in young overweight/obese women. I would like to continue this research in different populations. I am also very interested in bone health primarily in young and older women, and ways to maintain bone with changes in body composition and body weight using both nutrition (protein, dairy, calcium) and exercise (resistance and aerobic - alone or in combination).

Other areas of interest:

• Training studies with a nutritional manipulation (dairy/protein/supplementation) to increase muscle mass, strength, CV fitness and decrease body fat in women.

• Motivating factors that drive people to exercise, to eat healthily and to lose weight (and keep it off). What can we do to encourage the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle in the long-term (and decrease the burden of common barriers - time, energy, no accountability, and little results)?

• Nutrigenomics – gene-diet interactions, Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) relating to nutrition and exercise.

• Population-based research investigating dietary intake (particular nutrients or eating patterns) and physical activity on health outcomes (body composition, body weight, metabolic biomarkers).

Andrea Josse, Brock University, Dept. of Kinesiology
Andrea Josse

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