Applied Health Sciences - Health Sciences


  • HLSC 2P09: Principles of human Physiology
  • HLSC 3P09: Human Endocrinology
  • HLSC 4F90: 4th year Thesis, Dept of HLSC
  • BIOL 4F92; 4th year Thesis, Dept of Biological Sciences
  • HLSC 3P30; Directed readings , HLSC 4P30: Advanced Directed Readings 

HLSC 3P33: Internship in Community Health, AHSC 5P96 (graduate course):Cell signaling cascades in health and disease

a portrait of Litsa Tsiani
Evangelia Tsiani

Associate Professor
Office: STH 311
T 905 688 5550 x3881
F 905 688 8954
E ltsiani@brocku.ca