Brian Jeynes

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Brian Jeynes


Dr. Jeynes is investigating cerebral microvascular disease in human dementia-related illnesses, particularly in terms of the role of the blood-brain barrier, and in particular Alzheimer disease.

Samples of human normative and Alzheimer brains are examined, and quantitative data are collected using light microscopic immunohistochemical techniques.

The imaging data are analyzed statistically, comparing particularly the expression of presence of Alzheimer lesions [neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques] with the expression of capillary vasoregulatory proteins and endothelial proteins associated with the influx and efflux of beta-amyloid isoforms into and out of brain across the blood-brain barrier.

This work is directed at determining the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and informing further research into identifying ameliorative and / or resolving therapeutic treatments.

Dr. Jeynes is also interested in research into and the practice of health ethics. He teaches human functional anatomy and human pathology.

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Brian Jeynes

Associate Professor
Office: Academic South 315
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