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Brent E. Faught


Dr. Brent E. Faught is a Professor of Epidemiology in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. His research focal point is physical activity and health. His studies encompass two specific areas including:

  1. the association between habitual physical activity patterns and relational risk to disease, disorders and syndromes, and,
  2. the design and validation of measurement tools for both population and clinical-based health assessments.

Physical activity and relational risk research examines an individual’s decision to adopt a regular physically active lifestyle as a health preventative measure. Brent has examined this relationship in both young and elderly cohorts and with respect to numerous conditions such as stress, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, bulimia, developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and concussion syndrome.

His current research funding is invested in children that suffer from DCD (funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research), and concussion syndrome in ice hockey (funded by Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and Hockey Canada). These studies implement prospective case-control and cohort designs, respectively. Epidemiologic designs of this nature allow the opportunity for multi-level causal statistical modeling. As a result, this research offers a greater conceptualization of the relational risk that hypoactivity influences DCD and concussion syndrome in children. Design and validation of assessment tools is necessary in identifying health status. To date, Brent has developed and validated measurement tools in medicine, such as the Ten test for screening carpal tunnel syndrome, Doppler predictions for ectopic pregnancy, a diagnostic algorithm for prostate cancer, waist-to-hip ratio criteria for identifying clinical obesity in children, and examining the utility of intrapartum intravenous in contributing to excess newborn weight loss.

Brent has also designed measurement protocols used for assessing the health and fitness of firefighters and hockey players. Dr. Faught created the Brock University Firefighter Screening Services ( in 1999. This program is considered the leading firefighter pre-employment screening service in Canada.

Dr. Faught has also been solicited as an expert witness in human rights tribunal cases involving health assessment protocols in fire services.

Finally, Brent designed an on-ice skating test designed to assess the aerobic conditioning of hockey players called the Faught Aerobic Skating Test (FAST). The FAST is used by both amateur and professional hockey associations world-wide. He co-authored the book Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Techniques (ISBN: 0-7872-7382-1) and has co-authored a book chapter in When Research Goes Off the Rails. Why it Happens and What You Can Do About It (ISBN: 978-1-60623-411-2). Dr. Faught has graduate school privileges in the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences and Education at Brock University. He currently supervises Ph.D., M.Sc. and M.Ed. graduate students.

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Dr. Brent E. Faught

Professor, Epidemiology
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