Ana L. Sanchez

Applied Health Sciences - Health Sciences

Ana L. Sanchez


Parasitic and other infectious diseases continue to impose a great  burden to the health and well-being people globally. This is especially true in low- and middle-income countries where the synergies created by co-existing biological,  environmental and socio-economic factors provide the perfect ground for these infectious diseases to thrive.

My work focuses on conducting primary field and laboratory research on neglected parasitic diseases such as soil-transmitted helminths and tapeworm parasites of humans and pigs.

Additionally, I am interested in tackling bigger issues around capacity building and increasing research proficiencies in developing countries. 

The synergies deriving from these two lines of work have led to my involvement with national and international organizations assisting, in the prioritization of research and the developing of research systems.



Ana L. Sanchez
Ana L. Sanchez

Associate Professor
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