Call for Abstracts

Applied Health Sciences - Sport Management

Call for Abstracts

Goal of the Colloquium

The colloquium offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present research in an educational and professional forum.

Keynote Address
The 2013 Keynote Speaker has yet to be determined. Past keynote speakers at the colloquium included NASSM Presidents, Zeigler Award Recipients and JSM Editors.

John Cawley, Program Manager, McConnell Family Foundation (2011)
Dr. Bill Sutton, University of Central Florida (2007)
Dr. Sue Vail, York University (2006)
Dr. Alison Doherty, University of Western Ontario (2005)
Dr. Wendy Frisby, University of British Columbia (2004)
Dr. Rob Ammon, Slippery Rock University (2003).

Conference Details
¬ Individual and group 20 minute oral presentations are encouraged.
¬ Individual and group submissions are encouraged for the poster research session.
¬ The colloquium is transdiciplinary and welcomes students from the broad realm of sport, recreation, leisure, physical education and health studies.
¬ Areas of interest may include marketing, sponsorship, promotion, economics, human resources, strategy, policy, socio-history, and other management issues in commercial, professional, non-profit, or public sectors involving sport, recreation, leisure, physical education/activity.
¬ Both completed and in-progress research is welcome.
¬ Faculty members are encouraged to attend.

Abstract Submission
¬ Submit your abstract via email to by TBD
¬ Submit a one page abstract (no more than 400 words, 12 point font, times new roman, 1 inch margin, title, author(s) and institution).
¬ Indicate if the submission is for an oral presentation or poster session.
¬ The abstract will be subjected to a blind review (i.e., your name and affiliation will be removed from the abstract during the review process). You will receive email notification by March 4, 2012 if your abstract has been accepted for presentation.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Craig Hyatt
Chair – 2013 Brock University Sport Management Student Research Colloquium Organizing Committee
Associate Professor
Department of Sport Management, Brock University
905-688-5550 x4382




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