Brent Furtney, Bachelor of Physical Education (Honours) Physical Education 2008 -- BPhed/BEd concurrent

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Brent Furtney, Bachelor of Physical Education (Honours) Physical Education 2008 -- BPhed/BEd concurrent

He Shoots. He Scores. Congratulations Brent Furtney!!


Applied Health Sciences Graduate, Brent Furtney takes top honours in Gillette's Drafted 2 Competition

The prospect of winning a contest is by its very nature determined by chance. For Brent Furtney this chance was just the opportunity he needed to showcase his personality, perseverance, knowledge and passion for sport.

Given the chance, he was able to succeed as the winner of the Gillette Drafted 2: Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster. The contest was a grueling 6-month process that narrowed the selection to just 10 finalists.

Brent graduated from Brock University in 2003 with a Concurrent Bachelor of Physical Education/Bachelor of Education with First Class Standing. “The applied skills and knowledge from his program at University and those he acquired through his teaching experience allowed him to apply this knowledge in a unique way which has brought him the success he so aptly deserves” says his former professor, Nancy Francis. The margin for error was very slim--- his skills and natural abilities set him apart, and allowed the judges of the contest to see his genuine personality and potential.

Professor Francis added; “His intelligence, humble attitude, delightful interpersonal skills and sense of humour enables him to make a significant mark in the world”.

It is not everyone or anyone who can win a competition of this magnitude. Participants entered from across the country; “From Day 1, we saw something in Brent that made us think he had what it takes to make it in this industry,” says Greg Sansone, VP, Television, Score Media Inc..

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences would like to extend their congratulations to Brent Furtney and wish him the best of luck with his new position with the Score. We look forward to seeing you live, Brent!

Click here to view more information about Brent including his audition tape.


Brent Furtney

Bachelor of Physical Education (Honours) Physical Education 2008
Canada's Next Sportscaster
Score Media inc.