Ryan Alexander, BA (Community Health) 2009, MSc Candidate

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Ryan Alexander, BA (Community Health) 2009, MSc Candidate

I graduated from Brock’s undergraduate Community Health (Honours) program in Spring 2009 and continued to pursue a MSc degree in Applied Health Science under the supervision of Dr. John Hay.

When I started my undergrad in 2005 I was unsure which career path I was going to take. As I was enrolled in classes with a heavy focus on Public Health, it quickly became apparent that I had found my niche and career aspirations. This led me to start a four month internship at Niagara Region Public Health in Fall 2008. This was an excellent opportunity for me to apply the theoretical knowledge that I had acquired at Brock, to a practical situation in the working environment. Once my placement hours were complete, I was offered a part-time paid student position – I jumped on the opportunity.

Throughout the course of my undergrad I also had the opportunity to get involved with the Physical Health Activity Study Team (PHAST) research study.

Working as a research assistant exposed me to the data collection phase of a large epidemiological study. When the opportunity presented itself to pursue a Master’s using the PHAST data, it seemed like a natural fit that I could not turn down. As I pursue this degree I have been able to enhance my ability to conduct research. Further, I have had the opportunity to present at a number of conferences, most notably a conference in Lausanne, Switzerland in June 2011.

All in all, both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that I’ve acquired throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees have positioned me well for a career in the Public Health field. So much so, that in early 2011 I was the successful candidate for the Injury Prevention Health Promoter position at Niagara Region Public Health.

I would not be where I am today without the support of several faculty members during my 6 years at Brock. The welcoming environment allowed me to develop many positive relationships with faculty that will extend beyond my enrolment at Brock.


Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander, BA (Community Health) 2009, MSc Candidate