Nadia Akseer, BSc (Health Sciences) 2008, MSc (Health Sciences) 2010

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Nadia Akseer, BSc (Health Sciences) 2008, MSc (Health Sciences) 2010

I completed both my BSc Health Sciences and MSc Health Sciences at Brock University. Like many other students, when I first started undergraduate studies, I wasn't clear on what I wanted to do in the future. However, I was very fortunate that the Health Science program offered a diverse selection for courses. This exposed me to many different aspects of health and very quickly,

I developed a passion for Epidemiology and Biostatistics. In particular, the professors who were teaching those courses played a significant role in nurturing my interests and appreciation for the subjects I was pursuing. Dr. Brent Faught for example, was one of the most interesting and enthusiastic professors I have ever had. He taught me to appreciate and enjoy the Epidemiology material that he was teaching us.

Another professor that had a deep impact on my academics at Brock was Dr. Jian Liu. I loved his Biostatistics courses! Although challenging, I found them very stimulating and fun. Dr. Jian Liu’s extensive knowledge in the area really helped me learn more and more importantly, I was able to benefit immensely from the personal dedication he gave to his students.

In the third year of my undergraduate program, I was hired as Teaching Assistant for the Biostatistics courses taught by Dr. Liu. I also became involved in various research projects both with Dr. Liu and Dr. Faught, and presented research at different conferences, including the Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

These experiences, as well as my passion for what I was learning, inspired and motivated me to pursue graduate studies, and thus in 2008, I enrolled as a Masters student in Health Sciences.

My research focused on pediatric health, with Dr. Liu as my primary supervisor and Dr. Faught and Dr. Hay as my committee members. As many graduate students will agree, one’s graduate experience is in large part shaped by their supervisor and committee members; I can honestly say that I had a very positive, educational and inspiring Masters experience. I attribute this primarily to my excellent team members, who were always ready and willing to offer me guidance and assistance, and also kept me on task and focused on the end goal at all times.


The education I gained at Brock definitely provided me with a greater appreciation for research. Thus I have decided to pursue PhD studies in Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto (starting in September 2011).


In the mean time, I am working as a Biostatistician at The Hospital for Sick Children. As well, come Fall, I may be pursuing Biostatistics teaching endeavours at Brock University.


My undergraduate and graduate studies at Brock have provided me with invaluable experience and opportunities, which I would not have been able to gain at any other university! I am truly grateful and proud to be a Brock Alumni! :)


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Nadia Akseer
BSc (Health Sciences) 2008
MSc (Health Sciences) 2010