Danna Breen, BSc (Honours) Health Sciences, MSc (Health Sciences)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Danna Breen, BSc (Honours) Health Sciences, MSc (Health Sciences)

I completed my BSc Honours in the department of Community Health Sciences in 2003 and continued on at Brock to complete a MSc degree in Applied Health Sciences in 2005 with Dr. Evangelia Tsiani.

All of my research projects have been in the field of diabetes. My MSc thesis project examined the effect of a red wine compound called resveratrol on glucose transport in skeletal muscle cells.

After deciding to persue a career in research I travelled to the University of Toronto for my PhD studies in the department of Physiology. My doctoral research project focused on examining the effects of insulin and resveratrol on restenosis (renarrowing of the vessel after angioplasty) under the supervision of Dr. Adria Giacca.

I completed my PhD in 2010 and immediately began my Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University Health Network with Dr. Tony K.T. Lam, investigating nutrient sensing mechanisms in the gut.

I am really enjoying research and hope to lead my own independent laboratory in the future.


Danna Breen

Danna Breen, BSc (Honours) Health Sciences, MSc (Health Sciences)