Hil Sayle, BRLS 2008

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Hil Sayle, BRLS 2008

Hil Sayle - a 2008 graduate of the Outdoor Recreation program at Brock University.

From the incredible teaching and experiences provided by faculty in this department, taking advantages of opportunities, working hard and networking, I've been given some pretty incredible opportunities in the field.

I've worked for companies such as Boundless Adventures, ALIVE Outdoors, and the Tim Horton Children's Foundation Youth Leadership Program guiding canoe trips and working outdoor education programs in Ontario's beautiful northern backyard.

I was also fortunate enough to use my skills elsewhere in the world, working for Project Umbrella Burma in North Thailand in 2009, teaching english to young Burmese adults through leadership and music classes.

Returning to Brock in 2009 for a MA in Applied Health Sciences has opened even more doors to lead trips and be involved in Brock University's OR program.

In summer 2010 I will be working up in Eastern Manitoba, researching and scouting canoe and hiking routes for the soon-to-be-built new Youth Leadership Program Wilderness Base for the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. The Wilderness Base will triple the capacity of young people attending the program, and is planned to be a leading representative for responsible development in the Manitoba Provincial Parks


Hil Sayle, BRLS 2008