Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Collaborative)

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Collaborative)

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Program Name:
Nursing Collaborative
OUAC Code:
Bachelor of Science
4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours) Collaborative
Program Description:
There are two streams that students wishing to pursue the 4-year BScN degree can choose between:

Stream A:
4-Year Brock University-Loyalist College Collaborative Program
This is offered in collaboration with Loyalist College. Students will complete their first two years at the Loyalist College campus in Belleville, Ontario. Upon successful completion of the first two years, students will be admitted to the third and fourth years of the program at the Brock University campus.

Stream B:
4-Year Brock University Program
Students will complete all four years of the BScN degree program at the Brock University campus.

As a Brock graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you will be eligible to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination.

What is unique about the Brock University 4-Year program?

  • Our program is founded in clinical practice, with clinical practice courses starting in first year
  • Clinical consolidation courses after 2nd and 3rd year offering our students a higher number of clinical hours
  • We have high-tech, state of the art, simulation equipment in our Nursing Learning Resource Centre.
  • Students in Brock University’s Department of Nursing benefit directly from a grant of $550,000 by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for the purchase of high fidelity simulation equipment.
  • Patient simulators are sophisticated human-like manikins that can be programmed to exhibit the physical responses of a patient in various situations. The simulation exercises mimic real clinical and emergency situations in a safe, learning environment and are used to enhance clinical practice and build skill confidence.
  • The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) recognized Brock University’s commitment to excellence in nursing education by granting our Nursing Programs a 7-year accreditation term – the highest level of CASN Accreditation!


Here’s where your BScN degree can take you:
  • Hospitals: working with either adults or children
  • Long term care settings: working with older adults
  • Public Health
  • Home Health Care
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Policy Development
  • Research
Our graduates are also eligible to pursue Master’s and PhD programs.
 * Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.
Program Coordinator: 
If you have any questions about this program, Contact Sandra Micsinszki
Entrance Requirements:
Required 4U Subjects: English (ENG4U) (min.75%), Biology (SBI4U) (min.75%), Chemistry (SCH4U) (min.75%). 
Strongly recommended subject: One 4U math
Expected Cut-off:
Mid to Upper 80's
Program Plan
To see the courses required for degree completion and read the full course descriptions - Check the online Undergraduate Course Calendar
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Please Note:
Stream A:  4-Year Brock University-Loyalist College Collaborative Program
Stream B:  4-Year Brock University Program