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The Founders' Committee, from left, R.L. Hearn, Queenston; W.J. Freeman, Port Colborne; M.A. Chown, St. Catharines; M.L. Swart, Thorold; C. Bruce Hill, Queenston; C. B. Slemon, Niagara Falls; Dr. James A. Gibson, St. Catharines; D. G. Willmot, St. Catharines; J. M. Trott, Welland; A.C. Rae, Fonthill; W. B. C. Burgoyne, St. Catharines; E.S. Howard, Fort Erie; L. R. Williams, Welland; S. J. Leishman, Thorold; E. J. Barbeau, St. Catharines; E. R. Davey, Niagara Falls. Missing: W. B. Gunning, Niagara Falls, W. S. Martin, Q.C. Queenston; C. W. Morehead, Welland; B.P.R. Newman, St. Catharines.



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