Alumni Reunions


Alumni Reunions

There are so many reunion celebrations throughout Brock's 50th year, and especially during Homecoming Weekend. Scroll below for a full listing of Reunions throughout the year, Homecoming Class/Faculty/Department Reunions, and Homecoming Affinity Reunions.

Reunions Throughout 2014

Lorne Adams Retirement & Reunion

Reunion: Friday April 25, 2014
4 to 6 p.m. - Alphie's Trough
$10 registration (includes hors d'oeuvres & parking)

Brock alumni, former athletes, and members of the Brock community are invited to celebrate Lorne Adams' 40-year Brock career. This celebration for Adams is more than just a retirement party — it’s an opportunity for alumni to reunite and honour a Brock institution.

Congress 2014 - Humanities & Social Sciences Conference

Reunion events during Presidents' Receptions: May 25, 26, 28, 29, 2014
Locations and times TBD

Congress brings together academics, researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners to share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships to help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

With over 8000 attendees, we know that many Brock alumni will return, and invite grads to stop by the Alumni Office (Thistle 265E) to receive alumni SWAG and join us at one of the Presidents' receptions. (Details & Times TBD)

Homecoming - Class/Faculty/Department Reunions

Silver Badgers & Brock's First Graduates (1967, 1968, 1969)

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at Brock Homecoming
2 to 4 p.m. - Champagne Reception & Reunion

Reunion Leaders: Wendy Ingram (BA '67), Allan Cole (BA '68), David Dargie (BA '68), John Ingram (BSc '68, LLD '00)

Join the Silver Badgers and First Graduates for a private Champagne Reception and reunion. We hope you stick around for the evening's continued festivities with an Alumni Recognition Reception, followed by our Red Dinner in front of the Schmon Tower!

To reserve your spot for this reunion, please email . Registration will open in early May for all of Homecoming Weekend.

Grade 12 Entry Program Graduates (Classes 1972-1984)

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at Brock Homecoming
Reunion location and time TBD
Looking for reunion leaders!

As a young university, Brock launched an innovative course in 1968 to attract exceptional Grade 12 students to attend Brock for a 6-week summer program and bypass Grade 13. By the early 1980s about 1100 students had passed through it. Alan Earp, Brock University President from 1974-1987, always referred to the program as a 'conspicuous success!'

Goodman School of Business

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at Brock Homecoming
All Goodman graduates, all years are reuniting at the Red Dinner
6 to 9 p.m. 

The Goodman School of Business is one of the country’s newest and fastest growing business schools with one of the most international outlooks of any business school in Canada. 

We are excited to welcome back Goodman grads from 1974 to 2014 to celebrate at the Red Dinner during Homecoming.

Brock University Philosophical Society - Annual Conference & Reunion

Reunion: Thursday Sept. 18 to Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 during  Brock Homecoming
3-day conference to be held during Homecoming with guest speakers

Reunion Leader & Conference Organizer: David Goicoechea


Homecoming - Affinity Reunions

Residence Student Leaders: All residences, all years

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
1 to 4 p.m. open house & reunion

DeCew Dining Hall 

Reunion Leaders: Jamie Fleming, Tammy Brown

Since the DeCew Residence opened in January of 1970, hundreds of students have worked as Residence Dons, proctors, RCP, RLS staff, and volunteers within the residence system at 8 different residences. We welcome back all of our residence student leaders to this HUGE reunion to reminisce, share some old residence memorabilia (do you still have your Rez wear?), and share some stories.

BUSU Executive & BUSAC

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
9 a.m to 11 a.m. - Breakfast at Alphie's Trough Pre-Isaacs Army Parade

The Brock University Students' Union was formed in 1965, and since has seen countless student representatives advocating on behalf of the undergraduate student body. 

Reunion event information to follow. Please contact Meaghan Moore for more details. 

Youth University/CATI/Ropes Course Staff

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
2:30 p.m. to 4:30  p.m. Alumni climb at the course, followed by the Homecoming "Red Dinner"

Reunion leaders: Megan Pratt (2012), Graeme Howieson (2012), Ashley Kingsberry (2010)

Varsity Sports Teams

Reunions during Games Sept. 19-21, 2014

Women's Volleyball
Men's Hockey RBC Steel Blade Classic 7 p.m.

Men's Lacrosse 2 p.m.
Women's Lacrosse 4 p.m.
Women's Hockey Exhibition Game, time tbd
Rusty Blade Fencing Tournament (all day)

Alumni - Men's Lacrosse Game 1 p.m.

Brock Student Ambassadors (BSA)

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
2:00 p.m. to 4:00  p.m. Reunion 

The Brock Student Ambassadors (BSA) have been around since 1985, and over 500 alumni can proudly say they were part of the "original BSA." Come home to Brock to reconnect and share stories of your time with the BSA. From Touch of Home, to Think Recycle and Exam Care Packages, the BSA were an institution at Brock for nearly three decades, and the original go-to-volunteers for many prestigious Brock events.

Reunion Leader: Lynne Irion

Telegrad (Annual Fund) Callers & Team Leaders

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
2 to 4 p.m. - location TBD

Join fellow Telegrad callers who were part of a formative team that made many of Brock's advancements possible, and Brock's 50th is the perfect opportunity to come home and reunite. 

Do you still stay in touch with your fellow callers? If you are interested in helping lead a reunion during Homecoming, or simply want to RSVP to take part on the day-of, please email Meaghan Moore at 

Brock Press Staff & Volunteers

Reunion: Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 at  Brock Homecoming
2 to 4 p.m. - location TBD

Reunion information to follow.