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Mentorship Plus

A partnership between Career Services and Brock Alumni Relations, Mentorship Plus is an exciting new program that helps students through the two major life transitions they experience while at Brock — their transition from high school to university and the transition from university to their career or advanced academic study.

Mentorship Plus is a network of alumni and community mentors that inspires students to become leaders in their chosen fields and contributing members of society. 

The program will ensure students have a network of mentors throughout their Brock experience to help them succeed academically and set a dynamic course for Brock and beyond.
During their first three years, students will have the opportunity to partner with senior student mentors, participate in leadership and skills training Peer Groups, and act as mentors themselves.
In the students’ last year of university they are partnered with alumni or community members who are experts in their career or area of academia. Students begin the next stage of their lives with a realistic preview of what to expect, and a set of strategies to help them succeed. 
Mentorship Plus was launched in Fall 2008. By 2014, Brock plans to expand the program to involve 25 per cent of Brock’s student population, or 4,500 students, and more than 1,100 alumni and community volunteers.
Please email or call 905-688-5550 x4853 if you have any questions or would like further information about Mentorship Plus, or about becoming an alumni career mentor.
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The Mentorship Plus program is a meaningful way for grads to remain connected with Brock University and Brock students


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