30 from the past Thirty Awards

Brock University Alumni Association

30 from the past Thirty Awards

During the 2006-2007 school year, the Brock University Alumni Association celebrated the 30th anniversary of our incorporation. As a special anniversary tribute, the BUAA honoured 30 graduates who best exemplify the Brock spirit through their scholarly, creative, humanitarian or professional contributions to Canada and beyond.

The Brock University Alumni Association Recognizing 30 outstanding graduates
2007 Press Release

Thirty years of advocating on behalf of all Brock alumni. Thirty years of supporting graduates in their personal and professional development. Thirty years of keeping the Brock community informed and connected.

With more than 65, 000 graduates, Brock University alumni are leaving their mark on Canada and beyond.  In August 2007, the Brock University Alumni Association put out a call for nominations to help identify 30 outstanding graduates.

The Brock University Alumni Association, which was started in 1967, was officially incorporated in the 1976-77 school year.  The Brock University Alumni Association is an autonomous organization championed and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Like Brock, the past 30 years have been marked by continuous development and growth for the Association as it continues to work with the Office of Alumni Relations to advocate on behalf of the University’s graduates. Although the Association still strives to keep in touch with graduates, it now has the broader goals of continuously increasing the value of a Brock degree and supporting graduates in their personal and professional development.

To mark the 30th anniversary of incorporation, the Alumni Association honoured 30 Brock graduates from any graduating year with the “Thirty from the Past Thirty” Awards.  The purpose of these awards was to acknowledge those graduates who epitomized Brock University’s core values – Imagination, Innovation, and Commitment – and who exemplified these values through their scholarly, creative, humanitarian, or professional contributions to Canada and abroad.

The recipients of the “Thirty From the Past Thirty Awards” are:

  •  Leonard Bishop, BA '67, Niagara Falls, Ont., teacher and educational administrator
  • Marty Calder, BPhEd '92, Thorold, Ont., wrestling coach and olympian
  • Rick Campanelli, BPhEd '94, Hamilton, Ont., entertainment reporter and former MuchMusic VJ
  • David Civiero, BA '90, Glen Williams, Ont.., founder of Link-Line Group of Companies and Accu-Link Call Centres
  • Dr. Linda Crabtree BA, '87, LL.D. (hon.) ’94, St. Catharines, Ont., advocate for people living with disabilities
  • Dr. Richard Denton, BSc '71, medical practitioner and former Mayor of Kirkland Lake
  • Christina Doyle, BEd '78, Richmond Hill, Ont., teacher, entertainer and cancer survivor
  • Dr. Roberta L. Flemming, BSc. '85, mineralogist and professor at the University of Western Ontario,
  • Dr. Dorothy  Griffiths, BA '73, Welland, Ont., professor and mental health advocate
  • Dr. Mary Guerriero Austrom, BA '81; BEd. '80, Indianapolis, IN, expert in the field of Alzheimer's disease
  • Dr. Brian S. Helstrom, BSc. '87, Burlington, Ont., expert in the field of computer science and information technology
  • Alfred IlukenaBA '88, BEdTSL '89, senior official with the Namibian Ministry of Education
  •  Robert (Rob) Jennings, BA '68, Calgary, Alta., founder of Jennings Capital Inc.
  • Dr. Xiao-chun (Chris) Le, MSc '89, Edmonton, Alta., researcher in the field of environmental toxicology and health sciences
  • Dr. Antoon Leenaars, BA '75, Windsor, Ont., psychologist specializing in suicide
  • Donald A. MacIntosh, BA '76, Toronto, Ont., war crimes prosecutor
  • David MacKenzie, BA ’74, Ridgeville, Ont., actor, director and playwright
  • Ken Murray, BPhEd '76, Dundas, Ont., Brock Badgers men’s basketball coach
  • Susan Pedler, BA ’97, Windsor, Ont., journalist
  • Maureen Piercy, MEd '90, Trenton, Ont., President, LoyalistCollege
  • Dr. Amy  C. Plint, BSc '87, Ottawa, Ont., pediatrician          
  • Dr. Ronald B. Rogge, BSc '87; MSc '90, Deep River, Ont., Material Scientist with the National Research Council Canada
  • Debi Rosati, BAdmin '84, Ottawa, Ont., venture catalyst
  • Yuri Rubinsky, BA '72, (deceased), publishing visionary
  • Prof. Gary J. Schrobilgen, FRSC , MSc '71, Greensville, Ont., international expert in inorganic chemistry
  • Dr. Barbara L. Sherriff, MSc '84, Winnipeg, Man., geologist and professor at the University of Manitoba
  • John Suk, BSc '73, St. Catharines, Ont., president and CEO, ALTANA Pharma Inc.
  • Dr. Garry W. Timco, BSc '73, Orleans, Ont., geophycisist with National Research Council Canada
  • Tonya Verbeek, BRLS '00, BEd '03, Med '06, Beamsville, Ont., Olympic Silver medalist in Women’s wrestling.
  • Doug Wilkinson, BBA '91, Greenwood, Ont., chartered accountant and partner at Deloitte


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