The Adolescent Development Lab is housed on the 5th floor of the Jack and Nora Walker, Canadian Centre for Lifespan Development Research (LDRC) building.

About the Lab

  • Our major research interests are in adolescent and emerging adult development with a focus on two main questions: (a) What predicts the individual differences found among adolescents and emerging adults with regard to risk taking, academic achievement, and media use (e.g., video game play), particularly in terms of different developmental trajectories, and how are these trajectories related to psychosocial adjustment?, and (b) Is adolescence and emerging adulthood a sensitive period for development, resulting in unique vulnerabilities and opportunities for both negative (e.g., risk taking, depression) as well as positive behaviors (e.g., engagement in structured activities; spirituality)?
  • We employ a variety of research methods in our lab, from survey data, interviews, to experiments. Our lab has an eyetracker, physiological equipment, and access to two large longitudinal survey databases conducted with adolescents and emerging adults that explore issues related to resilience and youth lifestyle choices.
  • We have extensive computer facilities, testing rooms, as well as access to observation rooms, interview rooms, a conference room, and lounge facilities.
  • Read more in our research page.

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