Academic Expectations

Academic Expectations

Many students are so worried about plagiarism that they lose sight of the larger concerns that support the importance of documentation.

Understanding the academic expectations that will be placed on your academic work and how they relate to the academic integrity skills you will need to be academically successful.

Students should be aware of the following academic expectations:

1.    Completing your own work

  • Relates to your personal academic integrity
  • Demonstrates/develops your writing style

2.    Documenting your research

  • Giving credit; using proper citation

3.    Respecting the intent of the original author

  • Relates to how you use someone else’s words
  • Paraphrasing and quoting appropriately

4.    Understanding your research

  • Being able to read critically
  • Understanding complex texts

5.    Situating your research in relation to your work

  • Discovering your ideas
  • Synthesizing your research
  • Using your research to support your argument


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"Quote" of the Month

"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."

- Samuel Johnson