Aboriginal Education Council

Aboriginal Education Council

Aboriginal Education Council

The Brock University Aboriginal Education Council (AEC) is committed to addressing the spectrum of components comprising Aboriginal education and research through Brock University.

Its mission is to ensure that the next Seven Generations of Aboriginal people will have greater success and opportunities for higher education to the fullest extent possible at Brock University, and that decisions will be made with regard to future generations.

Contact Judith Knight (Secretary to the AEC) at jknight@brocku.ca or 905-688-5550 Ext. 4574 for information.

Brock's Summer 2014 Pick

What is it?

Brock's Summer 2014 Pick is an initiative that draws its inspiration from CBC's annual contest "Canada Reads".  In Brock's version we are encouraging everyone to read three great books and rate them online.  In April we will announce the book that won the highest ratings and that will be the book that the community recommends everyone read in the summer of 2014, if they have not yet read it.

Read one, two or all three.  You do not have to read them all.  When the survey opens in March, simply rate whichever one you have read.

We hope that Brock's Summer Pick will become an annual event, but this inaugural version has been organized to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Two Row Wampum Treaty and the 50th anniversary of Brock University's founding.