Review of Sex and Society


SEX AND SOCIETY. Studies in the Social Psychology of Sex. By WILLIAM I. THOMAS. Chicago, Illinois: Univ. of Chicago Press, n.d. 8vo, pp. vii + 325.

THIS book is a collection of papers dealing successively with the organic differences of the sexes ; sex in relation to primitive social control ; social feeling, primitive industry, and primitive morality ; the psychology of exogamy; modesty and clothing; the adventitious character of woman ; the mind of woman and the lower races. These essays supply good summaries of a wide literature, but they add little novel information on these well-worn topics. Exogamy he regards as "one expression of the more restless and energetic character of the male.... Familiarity with women within the group and unfamiliarity with women without the group is the explanation of exogamy on the side of interest; and the system of exogamy is a result of exchanging familiar women for others."


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