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Miss Jane Addams Receives Summons to Attend the Hague Congress.

Official call to women to attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague, April 28, 29, and 30, for promotion of world peace was received yesterday by Miss Jane Addams. The summons was reissued immediately form the national headquarters in the Lake View building by Mrs. W. I. Thomas, executive secretary and national organizer.

The invitation to the congress at The Hague is signed by the executive committee and is headed: "Call to the Women of All Nations."

"From many countries appeals have come asking us to call together an international woman’s congress to discuss what the women of the world can do and ought to doe in the dreadful time in which we are now living," says the document.

Netherlands Women Act.

"We women of the Netherlands living in a neutral country accessible to the women of all other nations therefore take upon ourselves the responsibility of calling together such an international congress of women. We feel strongly that at a time when there is so much hatred among nations we women must show that we can retain our solidarity and be able to maintain a mutual friendship.

"Women are waiting to be called together. The world is looking to them for their contribution toward the solution of the great problems of today.

"Women, whatever your nationality, whatever your party, your presence will be of great importance.

Woman Demands Voice

The activity of women in the constructive period that will follow the war is to be a recognized force, according to the articles of the peace party, set forth in the call for The Hague congress.

"As women," it reads, "equally with men pacifists, we understand that planned for, legalized wholesale human slaughter as today the sum of all villanies.

"As women we are especially the custodians of the life of all ages. We will no longer consent to its reckless destruction.

"As women we are particularly charged with the future of childhood. We will no longer endure, without a protest that must be heard and heeded by men, that hoary evil that in an hour destroys the social structure that centuries of toil have reared.

"Therefore, as human beings and the mother half of humanity, we demand that our right to be consulted in the settlement of questions concerning no alone the life of individuals but of nations be recognized and respected."


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