Fundamentals of Social Psychology


Emory S. Bogardus

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Distinguished Explorer and Pioneer
in Social Psychology


Social psychology is more than an application of the psychology of the individual to collective behavior. It is more than an imitation theory, an instinct theory, a herd instinct theory, or a conflict theory of social life. It is developing its own approach, concepts, and laws. It treats of the processes of intersocial stimulation and their products in the form of social attitudes and values. It obtains its data by analyzing personal experiences.

The present work originated fourteen years ago during which time the writer has been giving increasing attention to the study and teaching of the subject. It is impossible to mention all the persons to whom I am directly or indirectly indebted in the preparation of this volume. Chief among these is Edward Alsworth Ross, who has been an unfailing stimulus and who has made numerous helpful suggestions.

University of Southern California.


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